The Inner World,  Beyond the Prism of Sense: in Simple Words3

Sometimes the more we think, the more we get lost and the more we paddle, the more we merge. The Inner World is a written about the confusion of intelligent man. No, not about his intelligence but about the silliness of this lost creature. Or maybe we are going to find the whole from its parts by a new approach to humankind and his world; a new approach to mind body and spirituality in condition of viewing the stability of the world doubtfully.

Looking for essence of this world to find it real or dream reality; a new world that is silent and quiet, colorless and odorless, without time and place. In a way that it’s going to exist in other conditions and maybe it does not happen except in our own inside. Perhaps the man looks for the truth and discovering the reasons of his getting lost in this being just in his memory. What and who is the human indeed? Where is he from and where is he going? How does his essence form? Who determines the aim of creation? What is Reality? What is Dream? Is reality a dream? What is Lucid Dreaming? What is spirituality? What is mind body? And this book is created …. The Inner World.

The Inner World is suitable for those who have lost their way. In fact, they have lost their own. Those who are looking for boundary of dream and reality or wondering if the world is a dream itself. This book is proper for those who are at least once attracted by various sophistries that sometimes are called the margin of science and events like lucid dreaming and spiritual experiences which modern science completely ignores them.  For those who had this challenge that whether it’s possible for another world to be hidden in this glob or other man inside this man, in the inner world. This book works for those who are exhausted by well known Scientists and their marginal hypotheses.

By the way, why does human deny or distort any theory or new science that he does not have any dominance on it. So where is the Intellectuality and impartiality that we have learnt and expect from the people of knowledge? The subject of this book is the real science meanwhile it is not necessary to be an expert in science to distinguish what is quasi science and what the real one is. It is enough that you don’t prejudge. It is enough that intellectual reader refers to his historical memory. Consider the destiny of Gulliver or Pastor. It’s just enough to reach intellectuality.


The Inner World goes through five senses as main channels of forming this wonderful world to know them better in different scientific approaches to find a better understanding of what we call it perception. We will know each sense and our gathered memories through these channels as bricks of our perceptional world and also hidden rules of forming our three dimensional world with color, volume, shape, smell, taste and other fundamental perceptions to find a new approach to our world, awareness, sleep, dreaming, lucid dreaming, spirituality, telepathy, mind body issues and more. We will distinguish the reality of what we perceive through our sensual channels to have a new picture of dream and reality and will have new approach to consciousness, sub- consciousness, dream and reality and distinguishing the reality of world from projected dream of inner world. The inner world will go further and enters the world of spirituality and experiences such as lucid dreaming, mastery of dream and other worlds.

The Inner World invites you with respect to roam in the margin of science. By margin of science we don’t mean the scientific- fiction books. We don’t even mean the progress of science in reliable majors like molecular biology, physics, hyper media or the similar fields. The purpose is the area of penumbra in which the truth is doubtful. The things that no one either thinks about their existence or about proving them. Smell, taste, color, volume and sound.

Questions which look simple but aim the reality of this world and essence of dreams if they are only dreams? And explain experiences such as lucid dreaming, mastering sleep, spirituality and so more which are silent areas of sciences. Some ask that if it is fair to put everything of this world in to question and force us in a vacuity. Wasn’t it better for it to get more mature that can be transformed in our language? The force, yes the force but in the form of liberty. Because of shortage of lifetime and considering this fact that it is not definite when we are going to be alive or dead we insisted on publishing this book.

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