Here are the list of boos by Mohammad Babaee

Energy Healing


From the Venakey point of view, the human consciousness is similar to a field of energy that has the ability to effect matter. According to this belief, a person’s outward shape  needs and abilities are determined by this field that can be compared to a mold from which human bodies are shaped .and from which they take their ultimate form  .Generally speaking,ill health results when this field gets weak  By performing or conducting Venakey exercises,we can revitalize this field to the extent that by infusing this energy   in other people, we are able to rejuvenate their entire being ….

The Inner world


Beyond the Prism of Sense: in Simple Words
Mohammad Babaee

The universe is the dream of consciousness and the consciousness is the greatest mystery of being.
In Mohammad Babaee’s The Inner World, explore topics such as the truth of being, the universe and the human being, the essence of man, his consciousness, the world of creation and the mystery of creation, metaphysics and mysticism…

Islam, The religion of Healthiness


Religion is commands and rules that God has made for human life, and prophets were agents from God to impart His message to people so that they could learn ways and methods of personal and social life based on the divine guidance.
Wisdom obviously states that God in describing the rules should talk with the language of people in a ….

This book is not a THEORY, it is an UNDENIABLE FACT.

Author donates book profits to propagation of Islam.