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Types of energy healing
Based on a general definition, energy healing is a
method whereby the healer using his hands rhythmically
nearer to the disease spot heals the ailment, without using
any kind of tools or medicines and just by tapping into
certain invisible power that flows out of his hands. There
are two types of energy healing:
Empathic energy healing and energy healing with
vital and unknown power. Almost as much as 90% of
what we call “energy healing” in society is empathic.
Empathic Energy Healing
In empathic energy healing since the effect of
healing depends on the level of individual suggestibility,
the higher is the level of suggestibility in an individual,
and so is the effectiveness of the healing. But there is
always the possibility of a disease to reoccur since those
with higher level of suggestibility would show greater
reaction to negative suggestions of environment as well. This method is more effective if used along with hypnotism. Since in hypnotism the level of suggestibility is higher than normal cases and hence the suggestions will have deeper effect on a patient.

From the Venakey point of view, the human consciousness is similar to a field of energy that has the ability to effect matter. According to this belief, a person’s outward shape  needs and abilities are determined by this field that can be compared to a mold from which human bodies are shaped .and from which they take their ultimate form  .

Generally speaking,ill health results when this field gets weak  By performing or conducting Venakey exercises,we can revitalize this field to the extent that by infusing this energy   in other people, we are able to rejuvenate their entire being .and make them healthy and happy and wholesome

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