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What is the meaning of Islam? Does it mean submission? Islam is religion of health not submission. This book proves literally that Islam does not mean submission at all. Reasoning is based on knowledge, wisdom, and evidence. No scholar is able to reject it by any scientific reason or logic of Qur’an. This book reveals an absolute and undeniable fact that had been hidden amidst the lost reality of religions. Islam is the way of health.

In this book, the meaning of Islam has been investigated from an etymological point of view. The term ‘Islam’ (‘اسلام’) is rooted from ‘سلم’ which means “entering to health” and it has become transitive by taking it to “باب الافعال”. Therefore its literal meaning is “making healthy and giving health”.

The Islam religion means “the way of making healthy and giving health and avoiding harm”. This is the truth meaning of Islam. Name is the main representative of a school of thought, especially about Islam religion, which according to the Muslim’s beliefs, God himself has determined its name in the holy book of Qur’an[1]. The name of Islam reflects the structure, basic concept and content of the religion. Every rule and command of the Islam religion has to follow this structure, and results in health. Everyone who hears the truth meaning of Islam realizes what this way is. What he/she has to avoid and what should do.

This book discusses historically why this meaning has been concealed throughout the history; the most important reason is the warrior spirit of Muslims during the first decades after its prophet’s death. While based on Islamic faith, followers, leaders, and Islamic societies should not do anything that leads to harm or hurt in family, society, and nature.

It is demonstrated how fruitful this new meaning could be. In such Islamic society: 1) suicide, war, and despotism is denounced. 2) Protecting the environment is the most significant feature. 3) Gaining knowledge and cognition, freedom of thought and speech are most admirable behaviors.

[1] Al imranSurah, verse 85- MaidahSurah, Verse 3

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Some of His Quotes:

“God doesn’t want to puzzle people in holy books. ”
“Representing holy books as puzzles is a way to exploit and abuse religious societies”
“Invading other countries, even for propagating the religion, is not mentioned in the Quran at all.”
“Any one who invades any country, society or others’ privacy, is not a muslim but a religious abuser”
“Meaning of ‘Islam religion” is ‘the way of health’. God invites people into health. Whoever ia healthy, is Muslim.”

“For centuries, the distorters of Islam have relentlessly cultivated and maintained the ignorance of their followers, in a way that no one has dared to verify the correctness of Quran translation.”

“Translating the word ‘Islam’ into submission is a distortion for keeping people ignorant.”

“For keeping their followers ignorant, the trick of religious abusers is to introduce it sinful to investigate the validity of their distorted teachings.”
“The current propagated Islam, is a distorted Islam.”

“Religious abusers have obviously falsified the translation of the critical words in the Qur’an and then use them to justify their theories and activities.”
“The word Islam means ‘entering into health’.”
“Any person or group committing an unhealthy action in the name of Islam is certainly a religious abuser.”
“Know Islam by true meanings of Qur’an’s words, not by Muslims.”
“Bahram: They have distorted the meaning of the word Islam into submission.”
“According to Quran, becoming a muslim is not mandatory”