Interpretation and Translation of “Hamd” Surah and tohid4

Noble Quran is not a puzzle since it contains commands and rules from God. Given the fact that religions are for guiding the people, the message of the religions should be explicit, not mysterious or hard to understand for general people. With this point of view, it is expected that a correct translation of the Noble Quran can express the clear message of Islam and it doesn’t need much interpretation. Author Mohammad Babaee has tried to demonstrate this idea by publishing Interpretation and translation of Hamd and Tohid Surah which simply presents the clear meaning of the two most famous Suras of the Quran.

Al Hamd Sura «سورة الحمد» also named Al Fatiha Sura «سورة الفاتحة» is the first Sura of the Quran and it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad twice, once in Mecca and once in Medina. Its seven verses (ayat) is a part of prayer in Salaat that includes an eloquent dialog between Allah and his slave. One of the most graceful parts of Hamd Sura, the  sixth verse «ایاک نعبد و ایاک نستعین», means ‘O, lord, I am only and only your slave and there is no dependency and affection for me but yours. And I am seeking help only from you’ which is an example of the novel, unique, and correct translation presented in this book.

Al-Ikhlas Sura «سورة الإخلاص»‎ also named al-Tawḥid Sura «سورة التوحید» is the 112th Sura of the Quran and it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad in Mecca. Its 4 verses (ayat) is a declaration of God’s absolute unity (monotheism) that is one of the most fundamental concepts in Islam. According to the translation based on literal knowledge, hadith reference and science, in this book, as an example we learn that creatures are not separated from God but they are not God.

Hamd, Tawhid, and Quran are message from Allah to the human being in order to direct them to the desirable destiny. Hence, it is highly crucial to receive and understand this message correctly which needs a correct Quran translation and interpretation (Tafseer). Otherwise, even a little misinterpretation can change people’s life from the invited welfare in this world and the world after death to an undesirable destiny.

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